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Life is a bowl of cherries – the ballot results

It got a bit rushed near the end of our “bowl of cherries” evening so I’ll repeat the results of the votes on here.

Before I do so, let me thank everyone who submitted photos, contributed to the discussion and of course did the voting. Here is a sample of the diverse range of images entered on night. Who would have known “tabletop” could mean so many things to different people.

First vote was based on “first impact” 3-sec run through. Total (71 votes cast)

3rd place (4 votes) ============== Floating Gerbera Showoffs Iberis

2nd place (5 votes) ============== Euphorbia On the beach

1st place (7 votes) ============= Vase Cityscape

The second vote was taken after each person had a chance to present their photo and answer any questions. (Total 39 votes cast)

3rd place (3 votes) ============== Showoffs Cityscape

2nd place (5 votes) ============== Vase

1st place (7votes) ============= Euphorbia

Congratulations to Lynne W (Cityscape), Mark B (Vase), and David P (Euphorbia) for their first places.