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26 October 2016 | "Something Red"

Wednesday night played host to the club’s first unofficial competition of the year. The theme for the night was “Something red” – a nod to the wish of a number of recent judges who have commented that some competition shots would be greatly improved by the inclusion of a splash of crimson.

There was a great turnout on the night –  with a total of 62 images being entered. A number were decidedly tongue-in-cheek, some stretched the notion of “red” to the limit and the subject matter varied wildly but they were all top quality shots, from dedicated photographers.

Special thanks go to Mark Bulle, the adder-upper extraordinaire on the night and the results were as follows:

First Place: Barley Field, by Howard Carless: 

Joint Second Place: Starling Eating Cherry, by Mandy Byatt and Red Roof, by Dave Stoneleigh: 

Joint Third Place: Temptation, by Dave Stoneleigh and The Hay Wain Revisited by David Pelling:

Following the unveiling of the winners and prize-giving ceremony, there was a lively discussion of how some of the shots were taken, rounding off the evening nicely!