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2014-2015 Competition Results

We’ve completed another year of competitions and had the photo of the year competition. Thanks to everyone for sending in their photos, not just for the end of year competition but over the whole year. I hope everybody has got something from the year and come away a better photographer. These are the results, congratulations to our winners. First the photo “league” trophy winners were: Projected Digital Image Level 1 winner – Graham A Level 2 winner – Dave C Prints Level 1 winner – Graham A Level 2 winner – David S Monochrome Prints There was no level 1 (this year) Level 2 winner – Mandy B Then the one-off Photo of the Year competition : Projected Digital Image Dawn bus  by Dave C

Runners-up Blackthorn on the Heath  by Mandy B High roller  by Dave C Prints Hill top  by David S Runners-up Bury yourself  by Aodan H Shanks pony  by Howard C