Welcome to the photography challenge, this will be a fun activity and a way to help us keep in touch and enjoying our photography together during these trying times.

How will it work?

There will be a topic set to photograph every week. Each challenge will run for two weeks. Up to three images can be submitted in each challenge. The image(s) to have been taken in and or around your home including the garden, if you have one. Or, taken while out taking your daily exercise or travel to and from work.  Some of the topics may be a little tricky but then it’s supposed to be a challenge.





If you’re not a Club member, you are more than welcome to join in this challenge so please feel free to send us up to three images using WeTransfer to and we will add them to our gallery.

The photographs must be current, taken since 23rd March rather than taken from your archive.

Photography Challenge No.7 - The Mundane
Competition Closes midnight 10th June 2020 

The Mundane" - the extraordinarily ordinary!

Photography Challenge No.6 - Through The Window.
Competition Closes midnight 3rd June 2020 

This challenge ‘Through The Window’ will give us great opportunities to look at reflections, patterns, and colour.  We have choices, we can look at the window from outside or look through the window from inside. For instance, you might want to do an interior scene with the view from the window as a partial element. Or, you may like to shoot with the window itself in the frame. Alternatively, you may just want to do a photo of your view from an open window, with no hint of the window in sight.

Photography Challenge No.5 - Lines
Competition Closed

This challenge is to take and share an image with the theme of ‘Lines’. You may interpret this in any way that you wish

Photography Challenge No.4 - In My Street
Competition Closed

What is Street Photography? in its simplest form street photography is about documenting everyday life and society.

Photography Challenge No.3 - Up close
Competition Closed

Most cameras can take pictures reasonably close these days.  It could be a subject normally viewed further away, like the bark of a tree, a pattern on a wall, garden tools, plants and flowers in close up, or macro photography for those able to do it.

Photography Challenge No.2 - Shadows
Competition Closed

Photography Challenge No.1 - Something Red
Competition Closed