Open Print
Open Print Competitions

The full set of competition rules are located in the members' area.


There are four rounds in the Open Print competition and there are two classes within each round: Standard and Advanced. The classes' Standard and Advances will be run as a separate competition where marks out of ten are given to each image.  If there is more than one image where a score of ten has been given then a plus mark will be awarded to the winning image. Only the two highest scores from a member's entries from each competition will count towards the yearly placings.

Prints must be mounted, any size mount is acceptable but 40x50cm mounts have the best impact and can be used in other competitions. Your name, the title of the image, and the four-digit sequence number from PhotoEntry to be written on the back of the mount.


Prints should be submitted to the Club not later than 7.50 pm on the evening of the Print competition. A digital copy of the print image must be uploaded into the PhotoEntry system no later than midnight on the Monday immediately before the competition. Click here to upload Print image files into the PhotoEntry system.

Your images should be no larger than 1440 pixels wide or 1080 pixels high (whichever is the greater), they should be in the sRGB colour space and saved as a JPEG. 

The competitions in the PhotoEntry system are open and ready for the upload of images. 

Image files must be uploaded into PhotoEntry by midnight on the Monday before the competition. 

PhotoEntry close dates

  • Open Print No.1:  Monday 7th October 2019

  • Open Print No.2:  Monday 25th November 2019

  • Open Print No.3:  Monday 10th February 2020

  • Open Print No.4:  Monday 20th April 2020

An image entered into a Print competition shall not be used to enter a PDI competition and vice-versa.