Guidelines for Entering Print and Projected Image Competitions 

Competition Rules

1. This guide supplements important information contained in the Phototcraft Competition Rules, the latest version of which can be found here. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the competition rules prior to entering their first competition.



2. The Club uses the online application PhotoEntry to prepare Print and Projected Image competitions. In addition to significantly reducing the time and effort required to prepare competitions, PhotoEntry retains a useful record of images entered in competitions and the score they received. PhotoEntry can also be used to resize images to match the resolution of the Club projector.


3. New members will be provided with a username and password for PhotoEntry on receipt of a completed membership form.


4. Images for both Print and Projected Image competitions must be uploaded to PhotoEntry prior to the relevant competition.


5. For Print competitions, PhotoEntry will randomly allocate a four digit “presentation sequence” number” (circled in red below) which will determine the order in which prints are to be judged on the evening of the competition.

6. For Projected Image competitions it may be necessary (based on the total number of image entries) to limit each member to two images per competition. In this case, only the first two images in PhotoEntry will be used. The order of images may be changed by using the arrows circled in green above.


7. A more detailed guide to using PhotoEntry can be found in the “Getting Started With PhotoEntry” guide, the latest version of which can be found on the Club website.


Print Competitions

8. Prints may be processed by the author or by a third party. All prints should be securely mounted on stout board (preferably within a cut out frame) by the entrant, and clearly marked on the back with:

a. the image title,

b. the member's name; and

c. the PhotoEntry sequence number for that image.


9. It is a normal stipulation in external competitions that the maximum size of print mounts should not exceed 50 x 40 cm (20 x 16 inches). This is also the maximum practical size for display on the easel, for judging under even lighting conditions.


10. While print mounts should not exceed 50 x 40 cm, members may submit prints of any size that fit within such a print mount. It should be noted that wide borders are not only more conventional, but they also invariably set prints off to greater effect than mounts with narrower borders.


11. Mounting should not be done with masking tape or any other type of adhesive that may damage another member’s prints when they are stacked on top of each other.


12. Members may prepare their own mounts, or mounts cut out to order may be available to purchase from the Club (with all profits going towards the running of the Club).


Projected Image Competitions

13. The Club’s projector has a resolution of 1440 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, so images should be resized to fit within these dimensions in order to fill the projector screen. Where the width/height proportions of an image do not exactly match those of the Club projector, images should be resized to make best use of the screen i.e. either the width should be 1440 pixels and the height less than 1080 pixels (landscape or ‘letterbox’ format), or the height should be 1080 pixels and width less than 1440 pixels (portrait format).


14. PhotoEntry includes an option to resize uploaded images. Members may alternatively prefer to resize their images themselves prior to uploading to PhotoEntry (for example, so that they can inspect the quality of the resized image). There are many different ways to resize images, examples of which are described further here.


15. If you do not resize your images they may suffer artefacts such as softening and jagged edges, and may even be cropped by the software used to run Club competitions. No responsibility can be accepted by the Club if this occurs as a result of faulty preparation of the image file.