Competition Overview

Photocraft prides itself on being a friendly group of people, sharing a common interest in capturing and creating images as best we can. Our experienced members are more than willing to provide practical help and guidance to those wishing to progress with their camera, their editing, or both – please don’t be shy and feel free to ask on any aspect of photography – we will doubtless have someone who can offer a helping hand.


As members of the Surrey Photographic Association (SPA), we hold competitions throughout the season, giving members an opportunity to showcase their skills and enter their work, both as prints and digital images. You don't have to enter our competitions they are entirely voluntary but can be a great way of developing your photography. 


The aim of our competitions is to encourage members to submit new work. Please don’t be put off by the word “competition”; the best way to view these is to see them as opportunities for you to get independent, impartial feedback and advice which can go a long way to help you build up your creative photographic skills, plus they offer a valuable insight into how we all take our images; often you will come out of a competition evening telling yourself you’ve learnt both what to do and not to do at the same time! 


Our members are in two groups – Standard and Advanced. You can choose where to be. We use visiting, independent judges who provide constructive feedback on all entries and allocate scores on a scale of 1 to 10.   Where more than one entry is marked 10, the judge will be asked to award one of them a plus mark, thus 10+ to indicate the evening's winner. We also have a number of fun competitions which are judged ‘in house’ by the club members themselves. These are always entertaining as well as insightful.


We all know that photography is subjective with so many differing opinions of what makes a “good image” (including amongst judges!). You will find that over time, entering your work in the club competitions will make you stop and think just that little bit more about the image you want to capture. We know that it may seem a big step but these evenings really do help so many members develop and build up fresh insight, feel inspired, and get even more enjoyment out of their photography. We look forward to you sharing your work with your fellow members and enjoying the best of the club’s images.